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Alexa, What's Today?

I snagged my morning coffee today from the office across the hall from mine.  (It's okay, they tell me I can).

On the counter, a box of Dunkin Donuts, emblazoned with faded Sharpie, greeted me: "Happy Bosses Day!"


To quote my favorite comedian, Brian Regan, "I know now..."

I had vaguely thought about this last week, but my boss doesn't really get into this kind of stuff.  (One year, we had a pizza party in his office and it was... awkward). 

But regardless, I felt a little guilty. And that got me thinking...

Ask Alexa and she'll tell you what today is. She'll tell you all the official days as well as the unknown days you've never heard of, like Hobbit Day. My personal favorite from a few weeks was International Secret Spy Day, which interestingly fell on the same day as James Bond Day. Hmmm....

If you go on Facebook, you'll discover more holidays. National Love Your Daughter Day, My Son Is Amazing Day and other cute stuff.  There's so many of them, I've come to dub them "Facebook holidays".

Who's in charge of making these days anyway? Is there a national office, like right next to the US Patent Office, where you need to register your day? What if your idea for a day was already taken? Do you still get to take credit for it? Would you post on Facebook every July 3rd that it was actually your idea to have a National Milk Expiration Day?

And how are you supposed to keep up?  What if I forget one that applies to you...? Are we still friends???  

Worse, what if I remembered and brought you a donut...but forgot you are gluten-free? Or sugar-free? Or that you're dieting. Or you just hate donuts??  What if it was for National Donut Day???

No wonder modern life is so stressful...I think I'm just going to eat my donut now. 

You are awesome, whether you're a boss, or a daughter, or an international secret spy.  Don't hate me if I forget when your day rolls around. 

But seriously, if you're secretly James Bond, I do expect you to tell me


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